Lorna Badon Knaus started dancing at the age of three under her mother, June Badon. She also studied under Miss Widman of Beaumont. Miss Lorna traveled to several cities and states under professional dancers and teachers. She started going to dance conventions and summer camps at the age of ten. This training enabled her to further her education in the field of dance, with other styles and techniques. She established Lorna Badon School of Fine Arts in Orange; served as president of Dance Masters of America, Chapter #3 South Texas Association of Dance Teachers for four terms where she was a member for 34 years! Miss Lorna led students on a dancing tour in the USSR during the summer of 1990. She was a member of the Jefferson Jazz/Ballet Company, Co-Director of the Beaumont Jazz/Ballet Company and founded the Orange Jazz Company in 1984. The OJC was formed to give young dancers the opportunity to enhance their personalities and broaden their knowledge in the art of dance. The Company has been very successful. Many honors have been won on the regional and national level. The dancer’s dedication and enthusiasm made the company everything she dreamed of. She trained students that have won the title of Petite Miss Dance, Junior Mr. Dance, Teen Mr. and Miss Dance, and Mr. and Miss Dance of Texas, South Texas Association of Dance Teachers, Inc. and Dance Masters of America, Chapter #3.