Parent Info

We at Lorna Badon School of Fine Arts believe that children’s success depends on the support of their parents and guardians. Your commitment to the process makes an enormous difference, and we encourage you to be a part of your child’s dance experience. Dance education encompasses far more than technique or the steps your children will learn. Our goal is to educate the minds, bodies, and souls of our students, to teach them the skills needed for a successful life, whether or not they stay involved in dance. We expect discipline and respect at all times and reserve the right to dismiss any student who upsets the harmony of the school. All students are taught by highly trained staff members with assistants and demonstrators to help them get the most out of their classes. If you have any questions regarding your child’s level placement please come by the office to make an appointment with the instructor. Whether it’s the teaching faculty or administrators, we are here to serve you and your dancer. Always striving to enhance our skills and knowledge our goal is to make Lorna Badon Legacy Dance Centre truly a wonderful place for your child to learn the art of dance.