Class Information

MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENTS: Must be said age by September 1st

Mommy & Me – 18 months at start date

Ballet- 2 years old

Tap- 4 years old

Jazz- 6 years old

Lyrical- 6 years old

Hip Hop- 6 years old

Pointe-12 years old or 6th grade

Acrobatics/Tumbling- 2 years old


Dance very simply put is an art form of “discipline”. When students attend class properly dressed they learn better. All students must wear the proper attire and shoes for their class level with hair in a SECURE bun or snood, no jewelry, proper under garments and only black sports bras. Acro students should have a low or side pony tail/ braid, for ease of rolling over head.  Absolutely no food, drink, or gum allowed in the dance room! Turn off cell phones in class.  If you are late, please be quiet, respectful and quickly get to your place. When entering and leaving the building, wear a cover up over leotards. Dance shoes are not to be worn outside. This shortens the life of the shoes as well brings dirt onto the dance floors. Please use the restroom before class. Young dancers find it difficult to stay focused when they have to “go”. This is contagious, once a student leaves, they all have to “go”, which interrupts learning time.

Class Attire can be purchased at Center Stage Boutique

$50 Registration Fee

Class fees include tuition, costumes, recital fees, etc. in one monthly price starting at $79